Many renowned artists and architects have worked on the décor of this beautiful building, notably the Baillairgé, Gaspard Chaussegros de Léry, and several others. The Notre-Dame de Québec Basilica-Cathedral features magnificent stained glass designed by the Meyer House of Munich and the Champigneulle House of Paris. It is also home to three majestic Casavant organs.

In the North Gallery of Notre-Dame de Québec Museum is a video by Jean-Claude Filteau, historian, exegete, and retired Laval University professor, showing the stages of the Basilica-Cathedral’s construction over its 350 years history. The building is probably the most extensively expanded and transformed structure in Canada’s history still dedicated to its original purpose. Two great catastrophes have marked its history: the bombardment during the Conquest of 1759 and the great fire of 1922. The architectural evolution and decoration of this building, declared a historic monument in 1966 and a National Historic Site of Canada in 1989, remain wonders to behold.